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Lemonsandlimes Used Car Website

3 May 2020

by Jack Beeler


Lemons&Limes is a mock used car dealer inventory website created during my software engineering class at CSUSB with a team of 7 members over a 10 week period. The team comprised of 5 software engineers, one assistant project manager, and myself the project manager.

Visiting users are able to view the company’s current inventory, make user accounts to save vehicles, view the current staff, as well as contact the dealer. Employees can do the same but also have the ability to edit/add vehicles to the database.

Tools Utilized

Web Framework: Flask w/ Jinja template engine Back-end Framework: Python Front-end Framework: Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, Js Database: MySQL Hosting/PaaS: Heroku

Pages Included



Inventory Page

Inventory Page

Contact Us Page

About Us Page

About Us Page

Contact Us

Sign Up Page


Sign In Page


Example Search Results

In the screenshot below I search using the terms “Honda Civic.” Looks like the dealer currently has two civics in stock, cool. SearchResultsExample

Making this website was a fun and rewarding experience. During the process of making the website we also created SPMP (software project management plan) as well as a SRS document to give to the pretend client (the professor in this case).

The software development lifecycle used was an Agile Scrum methodology. As the project manager I also held weekly scrum meetings (outside of the twice a week class meetings) to talk to each team member.